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TERRASCIENCES - Software Solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration

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TERRASCIENCES has been a major supplier of analytical software systems to the oil and gas industry for over 30 years. We provide systems for use by geologists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, and many other earth science disciplines.





Fronterra Geosciences

"I 've used Terrastation for over 13 years and since then it has always been the core of my Petrophysical work. It is a full featured system with excellent multi-well capabilities which are crucial to modern petrophysical projects.

The field of Petrophysics is constantly changing and the data is ever more complex. Terrasciences has always responded quickly to make sure I can read and utilize data from new logging tools quickly. It handles and processes image data from all companies and has done so since the 90's. It can read and display NMR data from all companies as well. Further it has an excellent wireline formation pressure analysis capability.

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Version 7.459 (10 January, 2018) Available

The latest version of TerraStation II is now available for download. Click on the Client Center menu and select TerraStation Upgrade.

Note: you must be registered as a Client and logged in to access the option. Please contact support@terrasciences.com if you are having problems accessing the download.

Release notes are viewable here.