Downloadable Products

Downloadable Products


AutoDidge AutoDidge

AutoDidge is designed to automate the process of converting raster images of logs into digital vector representations of the curves. Digitized logs are required for software to perform any meaningful correction or analysis on them.

AutoDidge uses TIFF or BMP formatted images of paper logs. Hardware and software packages are easily and cheaply available to scan paper logs into a TIFF or BMP image. Most commercially available scanners include software to create such images as part of the purchase package.

Units Converter Units Converter

TERRASCIENCES Unit Conversion Program is a free program that can be used to convert values of one type of unit to another. All units are grouped into categories for easy location of the needed conversion.

TerraStation Plot Viewer TerraStation Plot Viewer

The TS Plot Viewer download is free to anyone that wants to use it.  It only works with TERRASCIENCES format plot files. You can view and edit a plot file, and print or convert it to other formats, including PDF and CGM. It is the same as using the Plot Editor module of the standard TerraStation.