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Kriging and TerraStation

Semivariogram modelling and 2D kriging are available in the TerraStation Mapping Module.

These options are located in Z Analysis of the Map Module. A variogram model must be built before performing 2D kriging. The display and building of variogram models are done in Variogram Displays in Z Analysis.


Some Sample IMAGELog Headers

If you want to display your standard log plots with a "standard" well log header, use the tsbasic.hdr file which you can append to any of your IMAGELog plots for a more professional appearance. It is completely editable by the user for all of the basic "Run information" you find on a downhole electric log.

"Other services", KB, DF and GL elevations,location information, API well number, types of logs presented, and even the names of the logging company can be changed. You can also edit the line styles, line weights and the line colors. Slots are also provided for "equipment data" and "heading remarks". The file is an ASCII file which can be reviewed and edited with any text editor, then copied into your TerraStation II project directory.


Ellipsoid Conversions in TerraStation

TerraStation provides the capability of converting map data from one ellipsoid to another. The conversion involves a mathematical transform using relative offsets for the origin of the different ellipsoids used to represent the earth's surface.

To refresh your memory, the projection on a map is the mathematical technique used to transform a spherical object into a flat surface. Various projections emphasize certain traits, such as equal area, true directions, etc.


TerraStation in Academia and Research

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Did you know that many people become TerraStation users while attending college?