Interesting Web Site Links

  • Larson CGM - A supplier of CGM plotting and viewing software. Includes a free CGM viewer for Windows.
  • SDI - System Development, Inc. - Another supplier of CGM plotting and viewing software.
  • WebGIS - Resource page providing DLG, DEM and Land use digital data - for free download.
  • A Catalog of Porosity and Permeability from Core Plugs in Siliciclastic Rocks.
  • Visible Earth (NASA) - A searchable directory of satellite imagery, visualizations, and animations of Earth.
  • Useful Digitizer Information - drivers, etc.
  • Links to Coordinates, Datums, and Transformation Information
  • Magnetic Declination calculation site
  • Bibliography of Borehole Geophysics as Applied to Ground Water Hydrology
  • Coastline Data for Geopolitical Maps - a site that provides coastlines as lat/long coordinates - use the MapGen format for importing coastlines into the TerraStation. Courtesy of NOAA.
  • Internet Petroleum Resources - a huge list of industry related web sites - colleges, societies, surveys, companies, etc.
  • Convert Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees - a useful on-line utility. No need to download anything.
  • National Geospatial Intelligence Agency web site. - a source of spheroid and projection information.
  • Fault Analysis Group, University College, Dublin. - a unique site providing folding paper models to explain how faults work. The models can be downloaded for you to put together.
  • Universities & Research Institutes

    Miscellaneous Links


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